Run Times

Helm-ride schedule

All times listed are Eastern/server time.

As times are booked, I will update this schedule with the kinships participating. As it stands, I will be allowing two runs per slot on this schedule, giving you an average of 2 hours to complete a run (this does not mean that you must finish within this amount of time). If a run does not begin within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time (for reasons of the kinship not showing up), the spot will be offered to the next kin in line. Should that kin not be prepared to participate until their originally scheduled time, they will maintain their spot, and the first run for the time slot will instead be offered to a wildcard, should they wish to take it.

Please contact me to schedule a run that fits your kinship’s convenience best. I can be reached via in-game mail on Alaeara, as well as outside of LOTRO at Twitter requests to @alaelerina will also be honoured. Please include in your requests:

  • Kinship Name
  • Kinship Leader’s Name
  • Date of Run (i.e., February 10th)
  • Time Slot of Run (i.e., 9:00 – 13:00 EST)
  • Order of Run (i.e., first run in this time slot)

If it happens that all times have been booked, but you would still like to participate, notify me of this, and I will put you on a prioritized wildcard list.


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