Time Deductions

As you trek across Middle-Earth to Helm’s Deep, you might run into some roadblocks that will cost you time. Variably, you might simply want to cut down your journey’s total to get a bit more competitive. Fortunately, Brynnhildr will be willing to accept a few items to tack some wings to your shoes. Or your feet proper, as the case may be.

The list below indicates the items you can trade for time deductions. You will note that you receive incremental time bonuses by trading more than one of a particular item, but that this only lasts up to a certain point (e.g., 1 Emerald Shard will decrease your time by 1 minute; adding a second will decrease by an additional 2, and a third will decrease by another 4 on top of that, for a total deduction of 10 minutes). This does not mean that you cannot trade in, for example, more than 3 Emerald Shards, but rather, that trading in any more than three would not result in a subsequent additional bonus (e.g., adding a fourth would restart the pattern, removing only one additional minute for a total of 8).

1 Emerald Shard = -1 minute = -1 minute total

2nd Emerald Shard = -2 minutes = -3 minutes total

3rd Emerald Shard = -4 minutes = -7 minutes total

4th Emerald Shard = -1 minute = -8 minutes total

5th Emerald Shard = -2 minutes = -10 minutes total

etc., etc., etc.

The maximum time reduction possible is 20 minutes. Kinships can choose any combination of items on this list to achieve these deductions, though they are not obliged to. To avoid Brynnhildr getting stuck with your stuff if she dies (some of these items are admittedly rather valuable), you will only be able to trade in upon completing the challenge (i.e., upon arriving at Helm’s Deep, at which point the clock will stop). Without further ado:

  • Emerald Shards
    • 1st = -1 minute (-1)
    • 2nd = -2 minutes (-3)
    • 3rd = -4 minutes (-7)
  • ANY full set of the Malledhrim’s Golden Host armour (5 pieces, no helms; the recipes for these can be bartered from Iawen at Ost Galadh) = -20 minutes (-20)
  • Malledhrim Helms (3 different outputs; the recipes for these can be bartered from Maedhrusc at Ost Galadh) *If you choose to make Malledhrim Helmets, do not trade in doubles of the same output, as they will not be accepted.

    • 1st = -1 minute (-1)
    • 2nd = -4 minutes (-5)
    • 3rd = -6 minutes (-11)
  • ANY full set of Galadhrim cosmetic armour (6 pieces; can be bartered from the Cosmetics vendor in all Skirmish Camps) *If you trade in more than one set of Galadhrim cosmetic armour, doubles will not be accepted, i.e., handing in three sets will require one each of light (Ceremonial … of the Poet’s Heart/Written Word), medium (Ceremonial … of the Quiet Step/Shield-wall), and heavy (Ceremonial … of the Iron Arm/Whirlwind) cosmetic pieces

    • 1st = -5 minutes (-5)
    • 2nd = -5 minutes (-10)
    • 3rd = -10 minutes (-20)

At this time, these are the only items that will be accepted for time deductions. Pay attention to some of the output distinctions I have made; you don’t want to waste resources on an item that will be of no benefit in this challenge. Should things change between now and February 10th, I will update this page; otherwise, they will remain thus.

*Some of you might be thinking there is a theme running through this list. I will not discourage you from such notions, nor will I explain precisely why that theme is present. At least, not yet. 


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